VR teleconferencing for CAD teams

The goal of Improov is to help you detect design errors earlier and create a product that matches expectations thanks to a scale 1 virtual prototype and online collaboration in virtual reality (VR)!



Reduce design errors cost and create a product that matches expectations thanks to a scale 1 virtual prototype and online collaboration in VR

Use cases


Design review

Visualize your prototypes as if they were already built at real scale! Discuss with your colleagues, contractors or clients, get feedback or identify conception errors in realtime and adjust the model immediately to test new ideas!



Avoid mistakes during the production and maintenance phase. Improov allows you to test the assembly tasks and maintenance tasks on a virtual prototype. Modify the mockup and test again immediately!



Make sure the processes in your factory will actually work before putting them in place. Modifications early in the planning phase is much less costly than late issues detection.



Easily validate and modify the layout of an interior design or a factory. Move parts or full machines, test ideas. Make sure that parts fit together correctly, that safety is ensured and that space is optimized.


Ergonomic assessment

Easily check if your work environment is safe and ergonomic. Involve operators and health, safety and working conditions committees, optimize health and operations at the same time!



Showcase your product to your clients, partners and resellers. Demonstrate capabilities, options, colors, even before the first prototype. Show in context within the future environment.

main features

Virtual reality

HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed reality HMDs, CAVE, VR-Wall... Any VR system is supported

Native CAD loading

No conversion needed! Load your native CATIA, Solidworks, Siemens NX & Team center files

Collaborative CAD review tools

Annotations, measures, manipulation, screenshots, product tree. Everything you do is synchronized with all participants

Easy collaboration

Easy connection, avatars, voice chat

Industrial security

Secured connection (RSA 2048), no cloud, encrypted files

Virtual manikin

Ergonomic assessment allows you to check if your work environment is safe and ergonomic

This software by former Dassault Systèmes engineers helped our teams identify conception errors very early in our design process. It also helped us better communicate with our clients and suppliers. We managed to create a product that was exactly what the client wanted, on time and on budget!
Design Team Leader
Improov enabled me to better understand our design than on a regular computer screen. The virtual prototype at scale 1 was also very helpful to communicate my design intents and get feedback from internal as well as external project participants.
Mechanical engineer

About us

MiddleVR is a French VR software company created by former Dassault Systèmes engineers and focused on professionals. It was founded in 2012 with offices in Paris, France and Shanghai, China.


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