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Collaborative Design Review In VR

Collaborate in the same virtual workspace, no matter where you are.

Collaborate and create a product that better matches your expectations

Online collaboration

Connect with your colleagues, contractors or clients all around the world and work with them as if you were in the same workspace. Less travels is also good for the environment

Better communication

VR is a much more natural communication tool than a regular plan or a 3D software on a 2D screen. Easily collaborate with your non-technical teams and clients

Faster decisions

Our software Improov is packed with great reviewing tools such as  product tree, cutting plans, measurement tools, annotations, screenshots and many more.

Your 3D model in VR

Improov can load most standard file formats (FBX, OBJ, 3DS, STL, VRML, IGES, STEP) as well as CAD and BIM data (CATPart, CATProduct, CGR, SolidWorks, JT, 3DXML, IFC)

Ergonomic assessment

Easily check if your work environment is safe and ergonomic. Animate your virtual manikin via motion capture trackers (A.R.T., Vicon, XSens, …) or like a puppet with your HTC Vive or Oculus controllers

Collision detection

Based on a fast and precise industrial physics engine, Improov helps you easily detect collisions between the virtual manikin and the environment, or between 3D objects

Supported File Formats

  • Solidworks (.sldprt, .sldasm)
  • ● Catia V5 (.CATPart, .CATProduct, .cgr)
  • ● Catia V6 (3DXML Binary)
  • ● Siemens NX (JT: JtOpen )
  • ● PTC Creo (Pro-E) (.prt, .asm)
  • ● Inventor (.ipt, .iam, .idw)
  • ● 3DXML (V3, V4 Ascii)
  • ● STEP (.stp)
  • ● IGES (.igs)
  • ● VRML, FBX, OBJ, 3DS, STL
  • ● DWG
  • Export:
  • ● 3DXML  
  • ● VRML 
  • ● OBJ 
  • ● FBX

Supported VR Systems

  • ● HTC Vive
  • ● Oculus Rift
  • ● CAVEs
  • ● Power walls
  • 3D TVs
  • ● ART, Vicon, Natural point, Motion Analysis, HTC Vive Trackers
  • ● And more!


  • ● Load 3D models
  • ● Load native CAD data
  • ● Visualize at real scale
  • ● Interact naturally
  • ● Collaborate online
  • ● Cutting planes
  • ● Annotations
  • ● 3D extrusions
  • ● Collision detection
  • ● Manikin
  • ● Ergonomic assessment
  • ● Points of interest
  • ● Take pictures
  • ● 3D measuring tools
  • ● Desktop application: VR is not required
  • ● Change the color of each part
  • ● Streaming of models

About us

MiddleVR is a VR company focused on professionals founded in 2012.


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