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Slides – VR in Aerospace

Slides – VR in Aerospace July 17, 2018 Slides from the Aero’nov event in Marseille, France VR in aerospace from Sebastien Kuntz Sebastien Kuntz, CEO of Improov / MiddleVR talked about VR in aerospace at the Aero’Nov event in Marseille, France. These are the slides from the talk. The aerospace industry has been using VR and virtual prototyping software for

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virtual prototype in improov software

Virtual prototypes reduce the cost of design errors

How a virtual prototype reduces the cost of design errors July 10, 2018 The problem: conception errors are discovered too late Late changes and on-site modifications are extremely costly The biggest cause of budgets overrun and project delays is the late discovery of design mistakes during the product development process. In this article, we will see how a virtual prototype

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collaboration cad software in VR

Improov 3.5 new features

Improov 3.5 new features – Voice chat, new GUI, performances July 3, 2018 Improov 3.5 new GUI & voice chat New features – Voice Chat: You can now use the microphone from your HMD or laptop to communicate more naturally in collaborative sessions. – Security: Network security has been improved to use RSA 2048 – New GUI: The dekstop graphical user Interface

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Improov vr cad software

Improov 3.2 new features

Improov 3.2 new features March 14, 2017 Here is a video of Improov 3.2 new features: manikin, collision, shapes, DWG, user scale, points of interest… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34XT_ial0jA Share this post About us MiddleVR is a VR company focused on professionals founded in 2012. Main website Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter Blog Contact Facebook Twitter Linkedin Paris, FranceCreative Valley 11 rue Carnot,

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improov cad software

Announcing Improov 3.0 release today!

Announcing Improov 3.0 release today! June 27, 2016 Improov: Visualize your CAD 3D model in VR and collaborate online Virtual reality is a great tool for engineers and architects. You can see 3D model at scale 1, interact easily and collaborate with colleagues from around the world as if they were in the same workspace. VR has been used by

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