Improov 3.5 new features - Voice chat, new GUI, performances

03 July 2018

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Improov 3.5 new GUI & voice chat

New features

– Voice Chat: You can now use the microphone from your HMD or laptop to communicate more naturally in collaborative sessions.

– Security: Network security has been improved to use RSA 2048

– New GUI: The dekstop graphical user Interface (GUI) has been completely reworked to provide a more natural experience, including a “Getting started” window to speed up the setup process.

– VR Performances have been greatly improved.

Complete 3.5 changelog



– Collaboration: Add voice chat to Improov.
– UI: Full GUI rework.
– Performances: Overall improvement of performances for HMD.
– UI: Add Getting Started wizard.
– Import: Easily import multiple files at once.
– Environment: Allow import of skybox from a panoramic image (360 equirectangular panorama).
– Installation: Add new multi-languages installer (available in english, french and chinese)
– Installation: Reduce size of installer.
– UI: We simplified settings windows.
– UI: Add a notice when we’re unable to find a model when importing.


– UI: Using the same dialog boxes in desktop and immersive mode.
– Tools: Changing default value for multiple selection to deactivated.
– Tools: You can now rename extrusions.
– UI: Default panel on immersive mode is now tools.


– Import: Fix crash when loading some STL files.
– Import: Fix crash when loading some GLTF2 files.
– Import: Various fixes for GLTF2 importer.
– Import: Various fixes when loading OBJ files.
– Tools: Fix issue when deleting an object sharing its material with other objects.
– Tools: Fix orientation of cutting plane.
– Tools: Changing the measures extremities to resize depending on its distance to the user.
– UI: Fix multiplication of message windows when clicking multiple time the “Close” window button in desktop mode.
– Performances: Fix performance bug when reframing big model.

Known issues:
– VOIP won’t be available when importing a model.



– UI: Keep the last five connections in Getting Started, Settings and Connect popup.
– Import: Add an example file (helicopter_rotor.step) in personal folder.
– UI: Handle more keyboard shortcuts in GUI (Ctrl+A, Start, End).


– Import: Removed the legacy model server user/password setting.


– UI: Fix issue where physics accuracy was not visible in the manikin popup.
– UI: Fix icon which wasn’t updated when user is unable to speak and listen.
– Tools: Fix user scale regression introduced in 3.5.0
– Documentation: Enhance bat starting files in order to include how to setup a server.
– Tools: Also hides avatar hands when hiding avatar.
– License: Fix bad popup redirection when activating a license key.
– UI: Fix icon when importing multiple files.
– VR: Fix controllers inversion that was happening when using HTC Vive.
– Cluster: Fix crash when user does not have the correct IMA password. 

– Cluster: Fix user head that wasn’t synced. 


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