Improov 3.8 Is Here:
One-Click Meeting, Avatars, Drag and Drop Import

July 25, 2019

One-Click Meeting: Collaboration Made Easier

One Click Meeting in Improov 3.8
Collaborating in Improov was already easy, now it’s even easier: click on the link and you are connected!

More Avatars Are Now Available

New Avatars in Improov 3.8
You can now choose between 6 avatars available in Improov.

Drag and Drop Import

Loading your model into Improov is now even more simple and intuitive.

Download Improov and Start Collaborating

Download the Improov free viewer and activate a 7 days pro trial version of Improov 3.8.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact our sales team!

Improov 3.8 Changelog

– Tools: One-click meeting makes collaboration easier. Connect to the online meeting only by clicking on a single URL.
– Tools: You can now drag and drop your model on the Improov window to import it.
– Tools: Skybox can now be transferred through our Automatic Model Transmission feature.
– Import: FBX import time has been reduced.
– UI: You can now choose between 6 different avatars.
– UI: We simplified the connection window.
– UI: We added a new invite user window to simplify the sharing of the current meeting.
– UI: The host is warned that the users will be disconnected if he quits the meeting.
– UI: New menu item: Help > Open logs folder.
– UI: Initial support for Oculus Dash.
– UI: We replaced the “Session” terminology by “Meeting”.
– Network: Add UsePublicServer option to TOML configuration file in case you want to use both public and private server.
– Security: Random password by default when creating a server.

– Tools: Synchronize keep on floor and lock altitude across all navigations.
– Tools: Fixed some navigation features, as reframing and regrouping, which didn’t work when switching to a new navigation during a meeting.
– Tools: Local user’s avatar is now shown in screenshots and viewpoints.
– Tools: We changed the extrusion measure material from opaque to transparent.
– Tools: Fix exception when using Delete with multiple objects.
– Virtual mannequin: Fix default targets.xml file.
– UI: A confirmation message will now appear on screen when the meeting host wants to quit while other users are still online.
– UI: When connecting to a meeting where a user has deleted a POI, UI is correctly updated.
– UI: Fix the size of windows in immersive mode.
– UI: User names wrap when they are too long.
– UI: Fix hanging with some antivirus.
– UI: Lip synchronization now works on all new avatars.
– Import: Some parts were not visible on CAD models when their number of vertices exceeded 65535.
– Import: Fix error when importing environment.
– Network: Fix exception on systems with inconsistent proxy configuration.
– Network: Fix Exception ArgumentNullException on server “Disconnect”.
– Logs: Clear license logs at startup.

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