Improov Client Highlight: Kautex

November 26, 2019
Kautex CAD Model in Improov

With more than 30 facilities in 14 countries, from the United States to China, Kautex is one of the 100 largest automotive suppliers worldwide in terms of sales volume. Having adopted the industry 4.0 model as they integrated web software in their production processes, Kautex uses Improov as support for the development of their products. With Improov, Kautex can enhance multisite collaboration to increase their products quality while optimizing time and money on their projects.

Collaborative Design Review Meetings to Foster Multisite Communication

To implement their internal specifications for the Industry 4.0 production processes, Kautex needed a VR collaborative solution to foster multisite design review meetings between offices in Bonn, Germany and Troy, USA.

With Improov, Kautex can include all the stakeholders of their projects, such as customers and suppliers. Using the software, Kautex can gather them all in the same virtual work space and keep them informed about the project development. Collaboration helps all team members better understand and meet the customers needs, leading to the creation of a product that can better match the expectations.

Collaborators Can Visualize the 3D Model At Scale 1 Thanks To VR

With virtual reality, collaborators can visualize the 3D model at scale-1, as if the virtual prototype was already built, no matter the size: from manufactured products to factories, and more.

Seeing a virtual prototype at scale 1 helps collaborators better understand it, more than they would on a 2D screen using a regular CAD software only. With VR, teams can manipulate the model and observe it closely. They can even visit a full plant in scale-1 as if they were there.

Improov is an efficient communication medium to foster collaboration between all teams, whether or not they have an engineering background, notably because scale-1 visualization is more intuitive. Collaborators can show points of interest directly on the virtual prototype and debate upon the same 3D model displayed to everyone during the Improov meeting.

“We can look at the models from a completely different perspective. Even colleagues who do not usually work on CAD files can get a quick overview of the model. The main benefit is to visualize the true size of the model, what you cannot do on the computer monitor” says Zdenek Cerny, Specialist IT CAx at Kautex.

Kautex CAD Model in Improov

Native CAD Files Import

CAD teams at Kautex use Catia V5, V6, Unigraphics and Autodesk.

They work on 3D models of different sizes,  from small injection molded parts to multiple GB files of entire plants.

In Improov, no files conversion is needed. You can load your files directly in our software. Improov supports different file formats such as Solidworks, Catia V5 and V6, Siemens, PTC Creo (Pro-E), Inventor, 3DXML, STEP, IGES, FBX, OBJ, STL and glTF. All of these file formats can be loaded in the same Improov meeting.

The Improov team works on optimizing the files import loading time. We already had great results on our Improov 3.8 version and we will publish a detailed article explaining our processes and vision about the files import in the following months. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get informed of all Improov major updates.

"Improov Is User Friendly"

User experience is a key point for all tools. We aim to make Improov even more accessible and easy to use with each version we release.

With Improov 3.8, we introduced the 1-click meeting feature allowing you to join an Improov meeting in only 1 click.

We also introduced the drag and drop import so that you can load your model into Improov in a very simple and intuitive way.

We will keep working on it, always taking our clients feedback into account.

“Improov is very user friendly. From our point of view, the updated design meeting format rolled out in Improov 3.8 is easy to use and an asset to facilitate our global design meetings.”

Zdenek Cerny, Specialist IT CAx at Kautex

Try Improov Yourself and Download It Now

Maybe our client highlight inspired you to test Improov on your own. If so, you can download for free a 7 days pro trial version of Improov on our website. You can also access many Improov materials such as tutorials video. If you have any questions left and want to get in touch with our sales team, feel free to contact us.

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