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  • Improov 3.6 New Features

    Improov 3.6 Is Here and You Can Download It On Our Website

    February 13, 2019
    VR CAD software Improov 3.6 new features

    Improov 3.6 Is Our Best Release So Far

    Join online sessions in Improov, collaborative VR software for CAD teams

    We greatly simplified the connection process: your guests don’t need to worry about any license and can now join with a simple session ID and password.

    Users can still join a meeting without a VR headset thanks to our non-VR desktop viewer.

    New Video Tutorials Are Now Available On Our Website

    We created video tutorials to guide you in your first steps in Improov.

    The Improov User Guide is also now online.

    Download Improov and Start Collaborating

    You can now download the latest version of Improov on our website.

    If you want to try the collaborative session with our teams, please contact us here!

    3.6.0 Changelog

    – Guests can join a session without any license: only the organizer needs to have the right amount of licenses
    – Session ID (beta): Easily create and join an online session with a session identifier and a secure password
    – New import file formats: Step, PTC Creo (Pro-E), Inventor, Solidworks 2018
    – Security: Signed Improov with a MiddleVR certificate, which should fix some problems related to antivirus software
    – Languages: Chinese and Japanese are now available.
    – New license system: Improov 3.6 requires new licenses, please contact us

    – Import: Major fixes for GLTF, FBX, STL, OBJ importer
    – Import: Fix for some STEP files that were not loading due to an encoding issue
    – UI: Getting started not showing after being disconnected
    – UI: Add error message for connection failure due to wrong password
    – VOIP: Disable voice chat when not rendering
    – VOIP: After a new scene, disable voice chat when needed
    – Tools: Fix hide object not working on some parts
    – Performances: File import is faster when CAD model have a lot of parts

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