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  • Improov 3.7

    Improov 3.7 Is Here: Automatic Model Transmission, Teleportation and Lip Synchronisation

    March 29, 2019

    Automatic Model Transmission: Collaboration Made Even Easier

    Automatic Model Transmission

    Collaborators no longer need to have the 3d models on their computer: the session host can now optionally activate the Automatic Model Transmission so that joining users automatically and securely download the 3D model.

    Here is more information about security and automatic model transmission.

    Teleportation Navigation in Immersive Mode Is Now Available

    Users can now move faster in Improov thanks to the teleportation feature.

    Learn more.

    Lip Synchronization and Improved Voice Quality

    Lip Synchronization

    Avatars’ lips are now synchronized with users’ voice.

    Any questions?

    Feel free to contact our sales team!

    Improov 3.7 Changelog

    – Network: Automatic model transmission
    – VOIP: Avatars’ lips are now synchronized with users’ voice
    – VOIP: Improved voice quality
    – VOIP: Added a dropdown in Improov settings menu allowing users to change noise cancellation value
    – Tools: Teleportation Navigation in immersive mode is now available
    – Tools: you can now move the Screenshot Tool closer in immersive mode
    – Network: Proxy is now supported for connecting to the Improov server. Improov will automatically use the proxy server configured in the system settings
    – Import: Memory optimization when loading a model
    – Import: Gltf and FBX imports are now much faster for big models
    – UI: Licence description is now available in license panel
    – Settings are now properly arranged between user, cache and application settings
    – Export Models has been removed
    – This new version is no longer compatible with cluster

    – UX: Move user to the scene origin on each new scene
    – UI: Disabled input fields won’t be highlighted anymore
    – UI: Points of Interest name desynchronization has been fixed
    – Network: Server won’t die anymore after 5 minutes without owner
    – Tools: Multiple log files are allowed if the normal log file is already used by another process

    Download Improov and Start Collaborating

    You can download the free viewer and choose to activate a 7 days pro trial version of Improov 3.7: discover it now!

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