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  • Improov 3.9 New Features

    Improov 3.9 is Here:
    Faster 3D Model Transmission, Improved Toolbox

    November 19, 2019

    3D Models Transmission is Faster Than Ever

    Faster 3D Model Transmission B
    3D models are now compressed, for a much faster transmission.

    New Quickbar Menu: Easy to Find, Easy to Use

    All the Improov design review tools are now gathered in a single quickbar menu, for an even simpler experience.

    Improved Measure Tool

    You can now identify and delete individual measures.

    Download Improov and Start Collaborating

    Download the Improov free viewer and activate a 7 days pro trial version of Improov 3.9.

    Any questions?

    Feel free to contact our sales team!

    Improov 3.9 Changelog

    – Tools: Add a new desktop navigation to move around in the scene using keyboard.
    – Tools: Compress textures when transferring a model.
    – Tools: Improve compression for automatic model transmission.
    – Import: Importing FBX files is more robust, especially for older FBX versions.
    – UI: Add quickbar in desktop and immersive mode.
    – UI: Measure tool panel includes a list of measures.
    – UI: Allow deleting measures using Measure tool panel.
    – UI: When selecting the root node of an imported file, you can now change the import
    parameters such as scale or rotation.
    – UI: New default background.

    – Import: Some colors were not loaded on Solidworks files.
    – Import: Fix encoding issues on some FBX files.
    – Import: Fix import of grayscale textures.
    – Import: Fix OBJ parsing when file contains a delimiter character.
    – Network: Add more detailed error messages.

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