Most frequent questions and answers
  • A good PC

  • Any VR ready graphics card: for example NVidia Quadro P4000,P5000 or P6000, or GeForce GTX 1080 or Titan

  • A VR headset: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, any Windows Mixed Reality HMD

  • or a VR system like a VR Wall, Cave…

No, Improov works as a standalone application.

  • Yes, really easy:

    • Install it

    • Launch Improov

      Create a new meeting

    • Import your native 3D file

    • Go in the “VR” menu and select “run in VR”

    • Here you go, you are in VR with your model!

Make sure to check the tutorials.

  • Load 3D models

  • Load native CAD data (Catia, Solidworks, PTC Creo, Siemens NX, Inventor)

  • Visualize at real scale

  • Interact naturally

  • Collaborate online

    Select and manipulate individual parts

  • Cutting planes

  • Annotations

  • 3D extrusions

  • Points of interest

  • Take pictures

  • 3D measuring tools

  • Desktop application: VR is not required

  • Change the color of each part

  • Collision detection

  • Manikin

  • Ergonomic assessment

    • HTC Vive

    • Oculus Rift (DK1, DK2, CV1)

    • Windows Mixed Reality HMDs

    • CAVEs

    • Power walls

    • 3D TVs

    • And more!

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10

  • Core I7

  • 16 GB of RAM minimum

  • A “VR ready” graphic card
    – Nvidia quadro K5000, K6000, M5000, M6000, P5000, P6000
    – Nvidia GTX970 or 980 or 1070 or 1080

No, you can use Improov with a regular computer with our desktop application.

Of course! The most popular ones will be added as soon as they are going to be available.

Yes, you can open your native CAD files without any conversion.

Yes, with all the hierarchy and names.

We are using a lot of rendering optimisations but there is always a limit. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Yes, you can import different file format in the same session.

Yes, you can save the current scene for later use.

You can connect your Improov applications through an online meeting ID or by creating a private server on your local network and connecting to an IP adress or computer name.
It is easy to connect through internet using an online meeting. If you are using a private server you have to make sure that all participants can reach it through a public IP address.

Your 3D model can be transmitted automatically with our Automatic Model Transmission feature.

Since the 3D models have to be locally accessible by each user, the model is not streamed over the internet. The only information that are shared are the synchronization commands, so the bandwidth is really light. We are regularely doing demos over mobile network data.

Textures are supported on certain file formats. Contact us to have the most up to date list.

We have tested up to ten users at the same time, but it probably works with more.

Find all the security information in our documentation.

Yes, you can collaborate with any kind of VR system at the same time, but also with the desktop windows application.

The software is available as a yearly license (SaaS).

For more information, please contact our sales team.

Yes, as an option, dongle or network server.

You can contact us directly or we can put you in contact with one of our local resellers depending on your location.

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