Collaborate in VR around your CAD model

Collaborate around your scale-1 3D model in VR to reduce the rate of design errors on your prototype and create a product that better matches your expectations.




Collaborate around your full scale 3D model in VR to reduce the rate of design errors on your prototype and create a product that better matches your expectations.

Use cases

design review with collaborative vr cad software improov

Design review

Visualize your prototype as if it was already built at scale 1, detect design errors and modify your 3D model in real time to test new ideas. Easily collaborate with your colleagues, contractors and clients and get feedback at once.

Maintenance, Assembly

Avoid mistakes during the production and maintenance phase: Improov allows you to test the assembly and maintenance tasks on a virtual prototype. Modify your 3D model in real time and test it as many times as you want.
factory process in vr


Make sure the processes in your factory will truly work before putting them in place. Modifications early in the planning phase are much less costly than late issues detection.
change layout of factory with improov


Easily validate and modify the layout of an interior design or a factory. Move parts or full machines and test new ideas. Thanks to the digital factory, make sure that parts fit together correctly, that safety is ensured and that space is optimized.
Use a virtual mannequin in VR to test the ergonomy of your work environment

Ergonomic Assessment

Easily check if your work environment is safe and ergonomic. Thanks to the digital manufacturing, you can involve operators and health, safety and working conditions committees and optimize both health and operations.
Showcase your product in virtual reality

Marketing, Sales

Showcase your product to your clients, partners and resellers and demonstrate its capabilities and options of customisation. Thanks to VR, you can show your virtual prototype in its future environment.

Main features

collaboration software

Easy collaboration

Connect with your colleagues, contractors or clients all around the world and work with them as if you were in the same workspace. Meet your collaborators more often.

vr headset

Better communication

VR is a much more natural communication tool than a regular plan or a 3D software on a 2D screen. Easily collaborate with your non-technical teams and clients

collaborative CAD review tools

Faster decisions

Reviewing tools, such as product tree, cutting plans, measurement tools, annotations, screenshots and many more, enable deeper understanding of your projects and faster iterations

data security

Industrial security

Your data is safe. Secured connection (RSA 2048), private servers, encrypted files. No cloud. No online account needed.

native CAD files loading in Improov software

Native CAD loading

No conversion needed: you can load your native CATIA, Solidworks, Siemens NX and Team center files in Improov

virtual manikin

Virtual mannequin

Thanks to the virtual mannequin, a digital twin for your operators that mimicks its movements, you can make sure that your future work environment is safe and ergonomic

Download Improov

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